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It's time for a little update again. Even if I haven't written anything here for over three months, a lot has happened in the background. On the one hand, I continued to work on the Saxon freight car G1 and corrected some dimensions based on new knowledge, on the other hand, I also worked on smaller models, also to see what was technically possible with the Prusa SL1 3D printer.

The result is, for example, a Saxon point lever with lantern and a Saxon locomotive lantern. The point lever has no function and is not illuminated (Things can always change), the locomotive lantern can be illuminated with a 0,5 mm light guide, which comes very close to the glass bulb of the petroleum lanterns. There is nothing to complain about the filigree nature of the small models, rather my ability to paint the turnout lantern exactly ;-).

I also worked on add-on parts for future Saxon steam locomotive models, such as the Ramsbottom valve shown here and a bell with bracket. How detailed the printer reproduces the spring of the valve is impressive.

The dimensions of the base plates were corrected with a few hundredths of a millimeter, which noticeably facilitates the insertion of the Code 40 profiles. By pressing the tiny track nails slightly, you still get a tight fit of the rail profiles. They are still printed in stainless steel i.materialaLise, on a board with 375 pieces.

And what do the wheel sets do? There was a small change here. Instead of the 15,2 mm (these were theoretically good, but in practice too short) 16,5 mm axes are now used. The axle forks are still at an exemplary distance, only the axles now extend into the axle bearings. I also experiment with completely printed wheelsets (so axis me) with 1,3 mm nickel silver tires and with a rim. The results are visually very convincing and the run is smooth and smooth.

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