• Freight cars in era I

    Era I extends from the first train journey between Nuremberg and Fürth in 1835 to the foundation of the Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1920. For a better overview, Era I is therefore divided into four sub-eras. Era I a 1835 to 1875 Era I b 1875 to 1895 Era I c 1895 to 1910 Era I d 1910 to 1920 If you want to show the time of the regional railways in the TT gauge, you quickly realize that the range of rolling stock is very few and far between . There are a number of models by the manufacturers Tillig and Hädl for the era Id, but these are often adopted from later eras and ...

  • Welcome

    Welcome to my TT Finescale page. In the future, everything will revolve around fine, prototypical model making in TT scale 1: 120 - the trace of the middle. My personal interest lies in era I in what was then the Kingdom of Saxony. As a result, the main focus will be on the Royal Saxon State Railways. Finescale model making means fewer industrial models, more small series and a lot of DIY. In addition to classic handicrafts, I will therefore look a lot at techniques such as laser cut, 3D printing / investment casting and etching technology. Here we go!